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Size and Material Information about our CNC Routers


Our CNC Routers   

 Did you know that at NaiMor we have two CNC routers? One is very large at 96" by 360"! And the second router is 60" x 144". We are also able to cut larger sheets through repositioning. NaiMor is able to cut a wide selection of materials, ranging from aluminum to composite materials (as shown in the chart).

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Top 10 Emerging Precision Manufacturing Companies for 2022!

We were shortlisted for an Award!


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Tube Laser Case Study: Feed Project


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New Fiber Tube Laser Coming Soon!!!

We are excited to announce that our new 8kW fiber tube laser will be coming on line  soon! This new addition will not only expand capacity but also enhance capabilities. Take a look at these specs 👀

Meanwhile, our current tube laser is up and running for all your tube laser work!

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10' Long By 1' Wide Aluminum Form

This week at the shop we got the opportunity to make these large aluminum parts. This is 1/4" thick aluminum that is about 10 feet long and 1 feet wide. 

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Featured Project: Fabrication of Mist Eliminator Assembly

Naimor recently completed four assemblies used for heated mist eliminators for a client with a project in Canada.

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Naimor’s New 6KW Fiber Laser Machine

At Naimor, we’re always aware of the ever-changing fabrication landscape. Having the best technology at your service can make a huge difference when it comes to making the best metal products.

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12 Interesting Facts About Aluminum

Aluminum is often referred to as a “miracle metal”. Its long list of inherent properties – lightweight, corrosion resistant, flexible, highly conductive, highly reflective, non-toxic, durable and recyclable – gives manufacturers and designers a wide range of options for product development. Manufactured commercially for just over 100 years, aluminum is a relatively new industrial metal.

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Naimor Project Spotlight: Yesler Blossoms

Naimor has recently contributed to one of Seattle’s newest and most exciting community projects, the Yesler Blossoms. These magnificent sculptures stand as the centerpiece of a small park north of Yesler Way, in a new pedestrian walk that links Jackson Street and Harborview Hospital.

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3 Common Stainless Steel Finishing Options for Architectural Projects

There are a number of common stainless steel finishing options that alter more than just the decorative appearance of the material. Some of these finishes originate from the mill, but many are applied later during processing; for example polished, brushed, blasted, etched and colored finishes.


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