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What Is Welding, What Are Common Types, and How Does Welding Work?

What is Welding?

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    The act of bending metal using a press brake has many different names. Some of those names are metal bending, forming, and sheet metal bending. But all are actually the same thing. At NaiMor we utilize precision CNC press brakes for all metal bending jobs.

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Top 10 Emerging Precision Manufacturing Companies for 2022!

We were shortlisted for an Award!


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New Fiber Tube Laser Coming Soon!!!

We are excited to announce that our new 8kW fiber tube laser will be coming on line  soon! This new addition will not only expand capacity but also enhance capabilities. Take a look at these specs 👀

Meanwhile, our current tube laser is up and running for all your tube laser work!

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10' Long By 1' Wide Aluminum Form

This week at the shop we got the opportunity to make these large aluminum parts. This is 1/4" thick aluminum that is about 10 feet long and 1 feet wide. 

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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Metal Fabrication Costs

Successful business owners are constantly thinking about ways to reduce costs and maximize their earnings. When it comes to manufacturing, cost reduction is especially important as additional expenses can add up quickly.

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What No One Tells You About Custom Metal Fabrication

You know you need a metal fabrication partner who can cut you project parts, but there are some key factors to getting the part you need that are not immediately obvious.

Here are the top 4 things no one tells you about custom metal fabrication.


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Accommodating Verification and Validation for Quality Management Systems in Metal Fabrication

"Are you building the right thing?"

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Naimor’s New 6KW Fiber Laser Machine

At Naimor, we’re always aware of the ever-changing fabrication landscape. Having the best technology at your service can make a huge difference when it comes to making the best metal products.

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CO2 vs. Fiber Lasers for Metal Fabrication

Since the advent of carbon dioxide cutting technology back in the 1980s, fiber lasers have been the next biggest and best thing introduced to the world of metal fabrication.

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