How An Improved Assembly Process Directly Affects Your Products

Whether you’re manufacturing parts or need others to manufacture them for you, a good assembly process has speed and efficiency as a top priority. Every second and cent saved on the assembly line allows you to maximize your profit margins and thrive as a company. But, how do you know if an assembly process is running as efficiently as possible?

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Naimor, Inc. Launching New and Improved Website

Naimor, Inc. is Extending Its Services to Untapped Markets with the Launch of New Website
Naimor, Inc., an award-winning metal fabrication and manufacturing company located in Bellingham, Washington, recently announced that it will be launching a new website on April 7th, 2017. Formerly known as K&K Industries and Automated Metal Manufacturers, Naimor, Inc. specializes in providing metal manufacturing solutions for an array of industries including medical equipment, dental chairs, furniture, aircrafts, boat building, architectural components, and more.

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