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The Metal Fabrication Process from Drawing to Cutting

A better understanding of our metal fabrication capabilities leads to better design decisions and can help develop better quality metal parts at reduced cost. Design software is productive, but it’s not all-knowing. Knowing the capabilities of our machines, available tools, and what experienced personnel can and cannot do minimizes confusion and makes our job – and yours – progress smoothly.


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5 Steps to Bring your Architectural Concept to Completion on Time and Budget

Architectural metal work gives form and function to design inspiration, transforming the look and feel of residential and commercial spaces. Because of this, quality architectural metal fabrication is a major part of any structure.


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Public Safety Building Sculpture – Salt Lake City, UT

We cut these unusual shapes for one of our customers who supplied the cut pieces to a sculptor for a Public Works installation. These three dimensional sculptures are installed outside of Salt Lake City’s new Public Safety Building.

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