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    The act of bending metal using a press brake has many different names. Some of those names are metal bending, forming, and sheet metal bending. But all are actually the same thing. At NaiMor we utilize precision CNC press brakes for all metal bending jobs.

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Climate Pledge Arena Architecture Design: The Greatest Renovation for Kraken’s Debut

The Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle’s newly unveiled sports and events arena, is one of the largest projects undertaken in years. Costing over a billion dollars, construction began in December of 2018 with the arena finally opening in October of 2021一 just in time for the latest NHL season, and the first for the Seattle Krakens.

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Size and Material Information about our CNC Routers


Our CNC Routers   

 Did you know that at NaiMor we have two CNC routers? One is very large at 96" by 360"! And the second router is 60" x 144". We are also able to cut larger sheets through repositioning. NaiMor is able to cut a wide selection of materials, ranging from aluminum to composite materials (as shown in the chart).

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Top 10 Emerging Precision Manufacturing Companies for 2022!

We were shortlisted for an Award!


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The Metal Fabrication Process: Forming

From architectural brackets to stairs, many products require precision formed angles. Bending metal into a straight-line angle is the most common form of press brake work. A top die, or punch, pushes the metal into a lower vee die to form the angle desired.

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How Superior Precision Forming Can Help Reduce Cost and Increase Product Quality

When it comes to manufacturing, processes can always be refined. Obviously, one of the most important aspects is how products are made and produced. From a designing perspective, however, one of the greatest challenges is to create something out of nothing. A prototype of a new machine or product can be a daunting task, and the cost of doing so can be quite prohibitive.

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