Size and Material Information about our CNC Routers

Posted by Naimor Metal Fabrication on Feb 24, 2022 7:00:00 AM


Our CNC Routers   

 Did you know that at NaiMor we have two CNC routers? One is very large at 96" by 360"! And the second router is 60" x 144". We are also able to cut larger sheets through repositioning. NaiMor is able to cut a wide selection of materials, ranging from aluminum to composite materials (as shown in the chart).

2 sizes of CNC Routers: Max size 96" x 360"
Benefits Materials
Cut 6" thick of non-ferrous material Aluminum
Very clean cuts Copper
Very precise & accurate cuts Brass
Great for aluminum boats Wood
Increased quality Plastic
Quick fabrication time Acrylic
Metal graining Composite Materials

     CNC Routers allow for ultra-precise cutting and are able to lower metal fabrication costs with increased quality. CNC routers are used to cut, carve, rout, and drill material, so we can create high-quality parts for your products regardless of the material you choose.

Below are some photos of our largest CNC router in action:

Cnc router - cut 96”x360” metal sheets

The photo above shows the full scale of how large our largest CNC router is (96" x 360").

big router cutting panel

The photo above shows a closer up shot of the largest CNC router in action, cutting an aluminum sheet.

close up of alminum boat panel

The photo above is a close up of a large aluminum boat panel that was cut by the 96" x 360" CNC router and then formed by our press at NaiMor.


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