NaiMor's Welding Capabilities

Posted by Naimor Metal Fabrication on Mar 4, 2022 12:12:29 PM

Hey There!

We've had some great welding work going on in the shop and thought we would take this opportunity to share some photos and give an overview of our welding capabilities!

We would love to create something great for you! Contact us today to get started 😊


Welding Information

welding typeswelding materials

Our welding tables are 7' x 12', with the ability to extend to 14'


welding table

One of our 7'x12' welding tables for our excellent welders to use while fabricating your projects.

best welding shot

Welding action shot

man sitting on table welding ADA park bench - square

Welder sitting on one of our 7'x12' custom welding tables as he fabricates an ADA 3 seat Master Table for a park.

welding shot 7

Welding action shot

metal box 1

Metal frames welded

welding shot 2

Welding action shot

welded frame for medical facility 3 - square

A welded frame for medical equipment, waiting to be transported for powder coating

welding shot 4

Welding action shot

man welding frames - square

Welder using one of our 7'x12' custom welding tables as he fabricates two different metal frames.


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