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What is Hardware Insertion and How Do They Work?

    Stated simply, hardware insertion is the process of adding fasteners to sheet metal parts. Hardware insertion machines allow for significantly faster hardware insertion processes.

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What is Metal Finishing and Why Should You Use It?

What is Metal Finishing?

    Metal finishing is the process of altering an object’s surface. The reason for this process is to improve the appearance of the meta. And to prepare it for paint, powder coating, or other surface coatings. In some cases, it is also used for improving the durability of the metal.

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What is a CNC Router and How do they Work?

What is a CNC Router?

    The CNC Router is a cutting machine that is controlled by a computer numeric control unit. Check out our blog post for an overview of what CNC is.

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What is a Punch Laser?

   Stated simply, a punch laser combines the flexibility of a laser machine with a fast turret punch machine.

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What Is Welding, What Are Common Types, and How Does Welding Work?

What is Welding?

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    The act of bending metal using a press brake has many different names. Some of those names are metal bending, forming, and sheet metal bending. But all are actually the same thing. At NaiMor we utilize precision CNC press brakes for all metal bending jobs.

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What Does CNC Mean??

What is CNC?

        CNC stands for “computer numerical control” and it is a method of automating different tools and machines used for manufacturing. In essence, CNC allows for the ability to pre-program computer software on machines that then dictates the movement of factory tools and machinery.  This is accomplished through a programming language called “G-code,” which is executed by a microcomputer attached to a CNC capable machine. This microcomputer is called a “machine control unit” (MCU), and it tells the machine the instructions and parameters it is to follow based on what the code says for that particular part.

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Memorial Day 2022


Have you ever wondered how Memorial Day came to be? Or what the day stands for?

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NaiMor's Process for New Projects

 Have you ever wondered what our process is for new projects? If so, this blog post is for you! This process is also what we follow for established customers. 

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NaiMor's Assembly Room

   Did you know that NaiMor has an assembly room that is separate from our main production facility? 

   This separate room allows us to assemble and package your products in a clean and dust free environment. This way any sensitive products that we fabricate will arrive assembled to any degree you require! 

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