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Climate Pledge Arena Architecture Design: The Greatest Renovation for Kraken’s Debut

The Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle’s newly unveiled sports and events arena, is one of the largest projects undertaken in years. Costing over a billion dollars, construction began in December of 2018 with the arena finally opening in October of 2021一 just in time for the latest NHL season, and the first for the Seattle Krakens.

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10' Long By 1' Wide Aluminum Form

This week at the shop we got the opportunity to make these large aluminum parts. This is 1/4" thick aluminum that is about 10 feet long and 1 feet wide. 

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Featured Project – Alaskan Fishing Hardware

We frequently work with clients in the marine industry, and our featured project this month highlights the capabilities of our routers with a client in the marine world. We recently started working with a fishing hardware supplier in Alaska, and his projects involve some pretty unique parts.

Using several passes with the router, we cut out this giant sprocket from 1” thick T6 6062 aluminum. It’s a thing of beauty to hold in person:

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5 Perks of Turret Punching

There are many options for metal parts manufacturing, and each offers a set of unique pros and cons. Efficiency, the detail and delicacy of the finished product, and the type of metal used all influence what is the best metal manufacturing tool to use. 

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Custom Laser Cutting Provides Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Custom Laser Cutting for the Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, precision is crucial to every project. Many companies and end users in the aerospace industry hire metal fabrication companies for manufacturing and finishing surfaces and parts that fit to the micrometer. Since projects created by aerospace engineers rely on exact calculations, it’s no wonder that many aerospace companies and the Department of Defense contract to laser cutting manufacturers who can provide the precise cuts they need. If you’re in the aerospace industry and need a laser cutting service, this article is for you.

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