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Climate Pledge Arena Architecture Design: The Greatest Renovation for Kraken’s Debut

The Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle’s newly unveiled sports and events arena, is one of the largest projects undertaken in years. Costing over a billion dollars, construction began in December of 2018 with the arena finally opening in October of 2021一 just in time for the latest NHL season, and the first for the Seattle Krakens.

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Fixing the Skip Pan Shortage in Seattle

As construction booms, Seattle Washington tops the nation in tower cranes for the third straight year. Downtown Seattle has 65 construction cranes working on projects to redefine the city skyline, and the development of new skyscrapers and burgeoning housing and infrastructure is expected to continue with more jackhammering and concrete pouring.

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Featured Project – Expediting Success!

In an ideal world, there would more than enough time to have everything needed for your production schedule well in advance. But, no matter the industry, there are inevitably those times when you are up against a deadline, or even worse, past it.

We recently worked with a firm whose client was in a bind. They were facing serious down-time on a job site for new construction, and they need parts - fast. This happens to be my favorite part of the sales process: taking a tough problem and finding an optimal solution. Here’s what we did.


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Featured Project – Alaskan Fishing Hardware

We frequently work with clients in the marine industry, and our featured project this month highlights the capabilities of our routers with a client in the marine world. We recently started working with a fishing hardware supplier in Alaska, and his projects involve some pretty unique parts.

Using several passes with the router, we cut out this giant sprocket from 1” thick T6 6062 aluminum. It’s a thing of beauty to hold in person:

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Public Safety Building Sculpture – Salt Lake City, UT

We cut these unusual shapes for one of our customers who supplied the cut pieces to a sculptor for a Public Works installation. These three dimensional sculptures are installed outside of Salt Lake City’s new Public Safety Building.

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