3 Common Stainless Steel Finishing Options for Architectural Projects

There are a number of common stainless steel finishing options that alter more than just the decorative appearance of the material. Some of these finishes originate from the mill, but many are applied later during processing; for example polished, brushed, blasted, etched and colored finishes.


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Modifying Our Process to Meet Your Architectural Project’s Needs

Not all architectural projects are created equal. Each has its own special elements to take into consideration, and here at Naimor we are adept at tailoring our process to meet those needs.

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What Makes Steel So Popular for Custom Staircase Fabrication?

In recent years steel has become the material of choice for architectural metal fabrication, especially interior and exterior metal stairs. There are numerous reasons behind this trend. Steel enables extreme versatility of design, whether the design style is simple, elegant, traditional or modern. This opens up endless design possibilities to architects and designers alike.

Staircases constructed from steel are predominantly chosen for their durability and high resilience to drastic changes in the environment, as opposed to wood staircases and make for an amazing addition to any home or commercial infrastructure.

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How Seattle is influencing Metal Fabrication Trends in 2018

Change in the metal fabrication industry is a continuous process that Pacific Northwest based Naimor Metal Fabrication regularly monitors. Globalization, technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and evolving government policies are reshaping the manufacturing industry.

Whatever the future holds, it’s important that fabricators be ready to handle it. Let’s look at some metal fabrication trends affecting the Seattle manufacturing sector and what impact they may have.

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The Metal Fabrication Process: Assembly

Naimor, Inc. has extensive experience providing value added metal fabrication services, including hardware insertion and welding. While CNC routers, laser and punches can cut metal, there is more to the metal fabrication process than just cutting and forming parts. 


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The Metal Fabrication Process: Finishing

Metal fabrication often focuses on the processes of cutting and forming sheets of metal. However, the fabrication process does not end there. Metal finishing services create a functional or decorative finish to the exterior of metal parts to improve their appearance and quality. A vital part of the fabrication process, finishing, brings the process to completion with a part that is what your project needs.

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Featured Project: Stainless Steel Floating Shelves

This month, a consumer products client came to us to fabricate stainless steel floating shelves, architectural shelves which have become popular in recent years and provide a wonderful minimalist look.

Attention to detail was paramount for these shelves, as they are destined to a home or office environment where aesthetics are very important.


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The Metal Fabrication Process: Forming

From architectural brackets to stairs, many products require precision formed angles. Bending metal into a straight-line angle is the most common form of press brake work. A top die, or punch, pushes the metal into a lower vee die to form the angle desired.

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The Metal Fabrication Process from Drawing to Cutting

A better understanding of our metal fabrication capabilities leads to better design decisions and can help develop better quality metal parts at reduced cost. Design software is productive, but it’s not all-knowing. Knowing the capabilities of our machines, available tools, and what experienced personnel can and cannot do minimizes confusion and makes our job – and yours – progress smoothly.


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5 Steps to Bring your Architectural Concept to Completion on Time and Budget

Architectural metal work gives form and function to design inspiration, transforming the look and feel of residential and commercial spaces. Because of this, quality architectural metal fabrication is a major part of any structure.


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