Enjoy the smells, sights and sounds of the new Seattle Sensory Garden

Posted by Carolyn Stunden on Nov 19, 2018 3:09:11 PM

Working with A-1 Landscaping, Naimor's custom metal fabrication shop recently fabricated structures for the new Seattle Sensory Garden.

A community-initiated project that aims to create a space for all to enjoy, the Sensory Garden is one of Seattle’s newest attractions.

The Seattle Sensory Garden offers a peaceful area that can be enjoyed through the senses of smell, touch, and sight thanks to numerous elements placed throughout the garden. These include wind chimes, raised beds, bells, and other additions that allow easy interactions with nature. Located in the northwest corner of the Woodland Park Rose Garden, the 1.3-acre garden is designed to provide a nature experience for the entire community.

image2-2From concept to structure, trellis built for the new Sensory Garden. (Photo: City of Seattle) 


Turning Architect Concept Drawings into Working Metal Hardscape Structures

Our work started with architectural drawings. We used SolidWorks to generate detailed drawings for the architect’s approval. Then, we procured the material and performed the fabrication, which involved cutting, forming, sheet and pipe rolling, welding and assembly to assure perfect fit in the field.

The plans called for a steel elliptical trellis to mark the entrance to the garden. Curved metal handrails installed around the perimeter of the Sensory Garden differentiate it from the formal Rose Garden, and raised beds framed with flowing blue steel borders make it easier for seniors to smell and interact with a variety of trees and plants.


Construction of the hefty 20’X12’ steel trellis was no small task. To start, a 10”X5”X0.5” thick wall steel rectangular tube weighing at 50 lbs/ft had to be formed into a gracefully curved elliptical shape and welded as one piece. Naimor, Inc. also fabricated the metal parts and assemblies for the retaining walls, trellis, the railing, and several other miscellaneous items.


More About the Garden

The Sensory Garden project is providing a new inclusive outdoor space for people of all ages and abilities. The garden includes special accommodations for the sight impaired, the deaf, and people with autism. The garden features an ADA accessible paved pathway and sound elements such as wind chimes and bells to engage visitors with sound and vibrations.

The garden is a community-initiated project funded by the Parks and Green Spaces Levy. From the preliminary concept to completed construction, the Seattle Parks and Recreation project went through multiple public meetings, community input, and internal processes to ensure the most effective implementation.


About Naimor Metal Fabrication

Based out of Bellingham, Washington, Naimor, Inc. boasts one of the largest metal forming, laser cutting and router cutting facilities between Tacoma, WA and Vancouver, BC. Its state-of-the-art workshop and technically-gifted experts have allowed it to provide the highest quality production of metal parts.

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