What Is CNC Machining?

Posted by naimor on Nov 28, 2017 3:36:56 AM

In the world of manufacturing, there are all kinds of processes that allow your business to make the most out of its production needs. One such operation is CNC machining. Since it was first developed in the 1940s, this method has enabled many manufacturers to develop prototypes and implement greater efficiency measures to improve their bottom line.

Let's take an in-depth look at CNC machining, as well as when it should be used and how it can benefit your manufacturing projects.


CNC Machining Basics

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. The way that it works is that a computer program will work with a machine to produce a part based on the precise design specs. The software utilized for CNC machines are either Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) or Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs.

The capabilities of the machine itself are based on how it can move, as well as what tools it has at its disposal. Typically, CNC units can move along one or two axises, but some higher-end models can rotate and maneuver as much as necessary to make all of the required cuts and adjustments.

The other ability of these machines is that they can utilize a variety of tools to create more intricate designs. In this case, the production arm of the device will remove items from a tool storage bank and swap them out as needed.

In some cases, the model may be able to flip and rotate the material itself, which removes the need for a person to be on hand to make those kinds of adjustments. With the latest technology, CNC machines can be fully automated, allowing prototypes and other products to be produced with peak efficiency.

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When Should CNC Machining Be Used?

As you can imagine, having a machine do all of the work for you can make your operations much more productive. Rather than relying on a person to make cuts and manipulate materials, you can get high-quality results that will not change.

Once the design has been perfected, you can produce as much as you want. As long as there is material to be manipulated, the CNC machine can take care of it.

CNC machines are more useful if you have a complex part that you need to produce in bulk, or if you're going to develop a prototype piece first. Prototyping is a strong suit of CNC machines, as it can allow you to test different materials and designs before implementing them in mass production.


Benefits of CNC Machining

Let’s take a look at all of the ways in which CNC machining can benefit your projects.

Constant Operation

Since the process is fully automated, you can have the machine running at all hours of the day. As long as you provide regular maintenance and inspection, as well as ensure a constant supply of raw material, CNC machines can outpace and outlast any other workers on your production line.


Since the initial design is on the computer, it can easily be scaled up or down as needed. Also, you can produce as few or as many parts as you like. CNC machines are perfect for scale models, prototypes, and mass production. You can implement every part of your operations on this machinery.


Depending on the kind of unit you have, there can be endless possibilities for the products you can design. When a CNC machine has access to a wider range of tools, as well as a broad range of movement, it can produce almost anything that you and your design team can imagine. Also, since you can test it out on a single prototype beforehand, you don’t have to
worry about how it will work in mass production.


Because the machine is following the same schematics with each product, you don’t have to worry about errors or mistakes. Each piece will be identical to the one before it, ensuring that everything is built to the highest quality and specifications.

Less Labor

It only takes one person to monitor your CNC machine. He or she will reload the raw material, inspect the various parts and components to make sure that they are operating effectively, and perform any maintenance that needs to be done. Also, a single operator can monitor multiple machines since they are all working autonomously, saving a lot of money on staff by utilizing this process.

Lowered Cost of Implementation

For a long time, CNC machines were prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, as the technology has improved, the cost of running these devices has dropped significantly. As such, they are much more practical, enabling you to take advantage of this process much easier.


Bottom Line

If you want to make the most out of your production line, then you should see how CNC machining can make an impact on your projects. At Naimor Metal Fabrication, we utilize these devices to create all kinds of products for our clients. If you are interested in outsourcing some of your designs, we are more than happy to put our expertise to work for you in the metal fabrication process. Contact us today to find out more.

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