Naimor, Inc. Launching New and Improved Website

Posted by yurii on Mar 23, 2017 5:53:03 AM

Naimor, Inc. is Extending Its Services to Untapped Markets with the Launch of New Website
Naimor, Inc., an award-winning metal fabrication and manufacturing company located in Bellingham, Washington, recently announced that it will be launching a new website on April 7th, 2017. Formerly known as K&K Industries and Automated Metal Manufacturers, Naimor, Inc. specializes in providing metal manufacturing solutions for an array of industries including medical equipment, dental chairs, furniture, aircrafts, boat building, architectural components, and more.

Fred Metz from Spiral Arts, Inc had this to say "We've done multiple fabrication projects with Naimor and I know how tricky these projects can be - it always turns out beautiful!"

The company’s new website and rebranding efforts are geared towards building an online presence and extending its services to a previously untapped digital market. Naimor, Inc.’s new website will be packed with new features and resources revolving around metal manufacturing and fabrication.

Naimor’s goal is to create a functional site that is appealing to its clients and helps them find the best solutions for their metal manufacturing problems. A responsive design, quote request form, completely revamped portfolio, and a value-packed blog are some of the new features Naimor, Inc. is preparing to present on their new site.

About Naimor, Inc.:

Based out of Bellingham, Washington, Naimor, Inc. boasts one of the largest metal forming, laser cutting and router cutting facilities between Everett, WA and Vancouver, BC. Its state-of-the-art workshop and technically-gifted experts have allowed it to provide the high-quality production of metal parts. Formerly known as K&K Industries, the company was named Start-Up Business of the Year in 2005 by Northwest Business Monthly and 2011 Small Business of the Year by the Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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